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Eight Weeks in Two!

Nov 03, 2020

Country of the Week is organic, flexible and designed to become a part of your home and family life in any possible way. There are no hard and fast rules. Make them up to fit your lifestyle!

For example, when travel/summer/life takes over and makes keeping to a "weekly" COTW routine impossible, do we fret here and worry about "falling behind?" Nope. Not at all.

Not. Even. Close.

On a certain Monday morning in September 2020, our girls woke up to discover this along the bottom of our world map:

There had been a lot going on in life, so I fell behind on the project with them (and, you know, summer!). The country profile sheets on the map represented the prior 8 weeks of countries that we hadn’t done. But, did we actually fall behind?

What we did with these countries over two weeks was an absolute blast! We randomly jumped around all of them, doing the single most important thing we should be doing every week with this project: HAVING FUN!

I let our kids run these two weeks. “Choose a country” I remember saying to Kiana on that Monday morning over breakfast! She loved that!

We blitzed through 8 countries in 14 days, learning whatever we could pick up (regardless of how tiny and small) and then we carried on with our next country (COTW #111) when the two weeks was up.

Even when "blitzing" like this, the 7 and 9 year-old in this house (their ages at that time) learned and picked up things about the world that, prior to then, they (and me, their father!) had not known!

So, in that sense, that’s a win, right?

Believe it or not, the girls actually asked if we could do this again! I know we will, because it was so much fun!

With that, keep on exploring! (Or, join us!)

- Dave


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