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Searching for People Like Us

Aug 28, 2020

My girls, Kiana, Marika and I are on a mission. We are looking for a few hundred families like us.

We would like to find families like us to join the greatest adventure we've ever embarked upon.

What does "us" look like?

We are a family that finds endless fascination in the world—the people, places, plants and animals—and we wanted to feel more innately connected, aware and attached to it.

My wife and I wanted our children to have a head start on understanding the world before the frequently negative news of the day started coming at them from every direction. We wanted our kids to have the best possible frame of mind about the world: one of curiosity, fascination and endless intrigue.

The world is a super cool place! We wanted our girls to know that before someone might try to convince them otherwise. (There appear to be a lot of those actors around these days.)

Personally, I also wanted to play some involvement in the education of my children that was manageable for our lifestyle. But I wanted it to be fun, like some neat family project or something.

Ideally, this something would come with little or no pressure to “complete something” every week but with the flexibility that we could go deep if time and energy permitted or simply run light when life "got in the way."

I did not not want a list of required assignments each and every week. I wanted something very organic; something that flowed from week to week and changed in size as our lives had room to accommodate.

To this end, I simply wanted a little prompt to explore another unique and fascinating place, every week, from the comfort of our home.

That was it. That became Country of the Week.

L-R: Marika and Kiana in pyjamas pointing at countries they've learned about.

If you now feel a kinship with us, you are invited join our mission.

We are on a mission to find other families just like us; families who want their children to grow up to be wholesome individuals with all of the healthy traits of a global citizen.

Curious children. Explorative children.

Intelligent children. Understanding children.

Tolerant children. Empathetic children.

Giving children. Global children.

Our mission has already begun.

A beautiful group of families have already begun their own country journeys—each unique from the other. Each is doing so with the small weekly prompts that come from Country of the Week in the way that fits their family abilities and wants.

If you feel like this describes your family or describes a family you know, join us or let them know by sharing this message with them.

Let's work on mending the divisions that are being sown around the globe.

Let’s start a movement through children. Let’s change their world.


- Dave

Creator and Founder | Country of the Week

I'm just a dad that wanted to take his girls on a global adventure.


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